The Five Strategies To Eliminate Ticks and Fleas From Your Compound

It’s quite natural for your cats and dogs to have an occasional itch, but if it persists, it’s time for you to realize that your home has been infested with ticks and fleas. All these bloodsuckers are easy to contract, but it becomes notably difficult to eradicate them. These small wingless parasites will survive in your compound sucking blood from your host pets.

You should come up with a radical strategy that will help you to eliminate these parasites from your home compound, failure to which you will find them in your house. There are artificial and natural methods that you can use to eliminate parasites in your home. Here are some simple flea and tick control tricks that you can use.

•Have a Clean Home 

A clean home is a happy home. The simplest strategy would involve vacuuming and disinfecting floors, laundering both furniture and pet beds. This should not only be done at pet areas but all around the home compound where fleas and ticks might run to hide. Make sure that you dump the canister of the vacuum, where fleas might have hidden whey you were vacuuming.

•Topical Treatment 

You can get some flea and tick treatments such as shampoos, spot-on treatments, and powders. These treatments are applied on the skin of the pet, and they will help in killing all the fleas while at the same time repelling potential ones. This is a treatment strategy that has proven to be a successful treatment strategy among other individuals.

•Spray Barriers 

This is a strategy that helps you not only to eliminate ticks and fleas already in your compound but also create a barrier against potential ticks and fleas from your home. Your home might not have ticks for now, but it’s essential to protect your compound earlier rather than use much money and time trying to eliminate these parasites when they are already prevalent in your home. However, it would be prudent to consider hiring the services of professionals to create spray barriers for your home compound as they already know the potential areas through which ticks and fleas might pass.

•Clear Vegetation in your Home Compound 

Clearing all vegetation from your home compound is a strategy that will help you to eradicate rodents which are known to be important carriers of both fleas and ticks. This is a natural remedy that will not bring chemicals to your home compound or close to your young children. Another mechanism that can eradicate rodents from your home could involve using a rodent trap while placing it in a strategic location.

•Treat House and Lawns 

You can choose to spray your home compound and other areas that surround your house so that you can keep both fleas and ticks at bay. Before spraying, you can make it an effort of ensuring that all the potential hideouts for ticks and fleas are trimmed back which will play a significant role in reducing the population of fleas and ticks in your backyard.

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