Take the Plunge with a Spa or Pool

What if you could enjoy the relaxing warmth and jets of a spa and have the opportunity to swim for exercise with the same addition to your home? Would you give serious thought to purchasing this piece of equipment, knowing that you can have the best of both worlds?

Most people would answer with a resounding “yes” if they have even given a thought to installing a hot tub, spa, or swimming pool on their property. As it turns out, this is most certainly a possibility with a pool/spa combination from a leading supplier.

Dual Use

One of the top benefits of having this type of spa/pool is the opportunity to use one part of it while a family member or friend makes use of the other. Plunge pools are large enough that you can relax in the spa end while another adult gets his or her daily exercise.

Depending on the overall size and the specific design, this new addition can accommodate different groups, from three people to eight people maximum. For example, a four-person design has two seats, with jets, at the end designed to be the spa entrance.


Someone could hook to a resistance band and swim against the jet current at one end while others enjoy the relaxation of the spa section. With the extra jets in this type of pool you can also enjoy a gentle swim or even get some low-impact exercise with a gentle walk.

Delivery, Installation

Because the spas and pools from leading suppliers are completely fabricated and fitted at the factory, they can be delivered and installed in one day. If you want to take on this installation yourself, simply let the supplier know and it will be delivered to your site. You can also have experienced tradesmen perform the work, knowing that the task will be completed to your satisfaction.

With these simple steps, you can begin enjoying your pool or spa very quickly. When you choose a site for this new addition, make sure the workmen will be able to access the location with their crane truck. Make sure that the overhead powerlines and other obstructions will not prevent smooth delivery. You should also make sure that your electrician has provided the proper power supply so that the spa or pool can be safely used.

A filled pool will add a lot of weight to the area underneath so make sure that you have planned for sufficient support. Some property owners have their pool or spa installed on their deck, with a concrete pad on which the spa can sit. In addition, some individuals have installed a pool and a separate spa, so that the pool can be kept at a cooler temperature for swimming while the spa temperature can be kept a bit higher for rest and relaxation.

One of the most important elements of purchasing a pool or spa is making sure you are working with a reliable provider who offers only the highest quality equipment. Ask others about their experience or read reviews on the company websites. This is a great way to help you during your shopping.

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