Style Your Home Like a Pro

Do you want your home to look as though it’s been staged by professionals for Architectural Digest? You don’t have to tear down your home and spend a fortune. Focus on detail and emulate some of your favorite homes.

  • Think outside of the box when it comes to paint and color. Add an accent of bright orange in an alcove. Black and white come in many shades—think ultra shine black and eggshell white.
  • Use a murphy bed. A murphy bed will add a touch of style and elegance to your room. Adding a murphy bed is like adding an entire guest room to your home. But instead of dedicating an entire room for guests, use this room as an office, work out area, art room or zen room with a murphy bed. Add a murphy bed to your home and you automatically add space.
  • Details go a long way. Replace bottles, such as soap bottles, with complimentary decorative containers. Ensure that surfaces are as clear as possible, with only necessities on countertops.

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