Installing Horizontal Wood Fences to Improve your Yards’ Look

Horizontal wood fences can turn a simple-looking yard into an outdoor show-stopper. These fences look good from all sides of the fence. With their uninterrupted lines, the eyes are drawn into the distance, making your outdoor space look more spacious. If you want to elevate how your yard looks, choose horizontal fences made of wood. But, to make sure you get what you expect from horizontal fences, make sure you consider the following:

Choose the Right Material

Just like house pilings, your chosen fence material dictates the overall style of your fence and its finished look. When it comes to horizontal fences, you can between smooth and rough lumber.

  • Smooth lumber. These are thinner options sanded to a silkier texture. Often, they are about half an inch thick which offers a more finished look for your fence. They usually have smooth and slightly beveled edges, offering every plank a delicate look.
  • Rough lumber. This kind of lumber is unfinished but offers your fence a sturdy, rustic appearance. Often, rough sawn lumber is thick and creates a strong face. If you choose rough lumber, ensure the framing is secure enough to support the fence because the lumber is often heavy.

Select Good Wood

There are many types of wood that work well for horizontal fencing. Your decision should be based on the look and price of wood. Hardwoods such as Mangaris and Ipe are beautiful when applied horizontally since they have a natural grain which runs the planks’ length. Softwoods such as redwood, pine, and cedar are also ideal for horizontal fences. Although they may not be as durable as hardwoods, they are significantly less expensive. Do not use composite decking because they are too heavy for fencing. Also, avoid pressure-treated wood meant for understructure.

How to Design your Horizontal Fences

The flexibility of horizontal fencing offers unlimited options to design them. Below are some fencing designs that would help you decide on the kind of horizontal fence you would want for your yard:

  • Create a brick-like alignment by staggering plank seams.
  • Create a rustic, modern look by using exposed dark metal posts.
  • Create visual interest by using planks of different width.
  • Create a modern look by aligning seams.

There are other horizontal fencing options that can be customized to your specifications. These options look good and are easy to install. They are often good for gate doors and fence sections where you wish to take control of the visibility.

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