Here’s How You Can Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Getting a proper night’s sleep is absolutely essential to your health and general wellbeing. Poor sleep can cause a myriad of health problems, from low mood to obesity. If you’ve been struggling to get your insomnia under control, now is the time to make a change. Follow these simple sleep tips to make sure you get your 8 hours and wake up feeling fully refreshed.


  • Get comfortable. Even people in the best of health will struggle to sleep well when their bed just doesn’t feel right. There’s no reason to battle through discomfort when it comes to sleeping. If your mattress is just too soft, increasing your aches and pains and leaving you restless at night, switch to something firmer. Experiment with mattresses from a reasonably priced company like Noddys Beds and find the mattress that suits you perfectly.
  • Cut out the naps. People with excessive fatigue are often tempted to nap in the afternoon to recharge for the rest of the day, but this can make it far more difficult to get to sleep at night. If you’re lying away until the early hours, skip the nap and power through to the evening. You will be tired, but hopefully you’ll sleep more easily.
  • Develop a bedtime ritual. It’s impossible to fall asleep easily if you jump straight into bed with no wind-down period. Get yourself nice and relaxed by creating your own evening ritual that helps you to unwind. This could be a hot bath with the lights turned down, or some time spent on the sofa with a good book. Do whatever makes you feel the most relaxed, and stay away from any bright screens.
  • Get some exercise. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly during the day get better quality sleep than those who are sedentary. If you’re fairly unfit and are intimidated by the idea of hitting the gym, start small with some light walks and work up to breaking a sweat. Even small improvements in your fitness could make your nighttimes easier.
  • Avoid alcohol. Although a stiff drink in the evening can make you feel sleepy, it won’t help you stay asleep properly. People who drink alcohol tend to wake up at some point in the night and then struggle to get back into a proper sleep cycle. Avoid alcohol and stick to healthy, nutritious food to get your body back on track.
  • Make your bedroom sleep-friendly. Not every bedroom is well suited to sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene by staying away from your bed during the day, and keep all phones, computers, and television screens out of the room. Make sure you can keep the light out so that you’re not woken up at the crack of dawn – use black out blinds if this is a major problem. Your bedroom should also be a comfortable temperature, so use a fan in the summer to cool off or crack a window if you’re restless from the heat.
  • Skip the coffee. Caffeine addicts don’t need to cut the coffee out altogether, but aim to drink yours in the morning rather than the afternoon. Drinking coffee too close to bedtime will only keep you awake when you want to be fast asleep.

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