Hardwood Floor Designs

Additionally to wood flooring being elegant and good to check out, you may also install the flooring choices in various designs. Here are the designs that you could install:

Random Installation

This is when you put in the flooring choices at random without caring if the materials are wide or narrow. Because the materials are available in different colors, it’s smart that you simply install complementary colors together. For instance, you need to install two strips having a light oak color after which lay a cherry plank.

Additionally for this installation providing you with an array of options, additionally, it makes your projects easy as possible install the models in a extremely fast rate.

Diagonal Installation

Your goal here’s to create a diagonal pattern in hardwood floors. To attain a perfect pattern you need to lay the strips parallel to one another departing a 45-degree position towards the walls.

The positive thing is you can use both strips and planks to attain your results. The very best factor using this type of installation is it gives your living space character without having to be too artistic.


Edges compliment the conventional installing of a hardwood floor thus creating your specific exclusive look. Edges are available in different textures and colours and all that you should do is to find the one that’s well suited for you. The best ones that apply for are: glass, gemstone, and variety.

The models are not only seen ideal to become placed round the edges of the room-you may also set them up as transition points in the family room towards the kitchen, when there’s no wall.


Here you lay the strips and planks inside a zigzag pattern. It is good to notice that although this pattern adds elegance for your room, it takes lots of planning to be able to attain the pattern that you would like.

Inlay and Place

Both of these create points of interest in your house. For greatest results you need to fresh paint or color the card inserts with unique colors. You can put the card inserts in various regions of your living space. For instance, you can put them in the corners from the room or in the sides of the fire place.


These are the designs that you could have for the hardwood flooring. For perfect results you need to be sure that the different designs are set up with a professional. It’s also wise to be sure that the models are of top quality.

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