Get Familiar with the Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete Slabs

Concrete has various benefits when it comes to building your home. It is used to build a solid foundation, basement and base of home. However, concrete slabs can also be used if concrete has not been poured. They are the best alternative for walls and floors of any building. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using these slabs. Let’s start with advantages:

  • Durable materials

One of the major advantages of using concrete slabs is their durability. This material can last for decades and can withstand harsh climatic changes. Moreover, it is more durable than wood because wooden walls can be rotten or damaged. Concrete walls and floors may be broken with freezing water. However, these damages take about decades to take place. That’s why, concrete is a preferred material when it comes to building your house.

  • Inexpensive option to create base of your home

Another advantage of using these slabs is its affordability. Concrete is a cheaper option as compared to other materials available in the marketplace. This is one of the reasons why homeowners prefer concrete to other materials. Also, It takes less time to get installed and hence, reduces the efforts and overall cost of construction. Concrete is also easy to maintain. So, the users don’t need to spend a lot of money in maintaining these slabs.

  • Easy applications

The concrete can be molded using different methodologies such as pouring, pumping, spraying and grouting. That’s why, it can be used in constructions with much hassles and the engineers are able o work on the construction projects effortlessly.

Disadvantages of concrete

It is imperative to get familiar with the disadvantages of concrete:

  • Color of material

We all know that concrete is available in grey color only. If you want to beautify your concrete floors and walls, you will have to use carpet over the concrete. You might have to decorate and color it to hide its shabby color. This way, the cost will be added to overall construction.

  • Insulation

The major disadvantage of using concrete is the insulation. They are a huge energy drain and tend to cool off easily and quickly. This also means that it tends to heat whatever is on the other side. Proper planning is required to nullify the effects of this property.

Despite of the disadvantages, this material is commonly used in construction projects.

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