Do You Need To Upgrade The Security Of Your Home?

It is an unfortunate fact that crimes have been increasing in towns and cities around the country. Not even rural towns are immune to this sudden rise in opportunistic crimes. Whatever the reason for this rise, the end result is always the same: fear and paranoia for both homeowners and business owners.

How to Harden Your Security

Whether you are a home or a business owner, protecting your property is essential. The fear caused by a break-in is very real. Indeed, many people who have experience with this can tell the story of how vulnerable they felt in the aftermath of a burglary. This can even close down businesses and make homeowners sell up and move entirely.

The good news is that a company that specialises in installing home alarms in Perth can help any property owner or business upgrade their levels of security. Here are some fantastic ways to upgrade and harden your home security in a relatively easy manner:

  • Audible alarms: While an audible alarm may not prevent an intruder from entering a property, it will certainly place them on the back foot and may even deter them from trespassing at all. An audible alarm signals to any passerby that there is a problem, and in fact, many such systems are even connected to local security offices and will silently notify them of an intrusion.
  • Motion sensors: Well-placed motion sensors can detect the movement of a human intruder and send a signal for an audible alarm to sound. Many people worry that they will detect the movement of pets and other animals, but modern motion sensors are actually smart enough to be able to tell the difference.
  • Digital CCTV: One of the biggest changes in the realm of security is in the development of digital imaging technology and the web. What this means is that modern CCTV cameras are far more sensitive and will produce better and sharper images than old analogue cameras.
  • Storage: In days gone by, it used to be that CCTV storage was video tape based. This meant that it had to be maintained on a daily basis. These days, digital storage in the form of SD cards and hard drives means that thousands of hours of compressed digital video footage can be stored. This low maintenance system ensures that every home can have access to a high quality security system without having to attend to it each day.

No Need to Be Fearful Any Longer

Even though crimes have increased in certain areas around the country, modern digital security systems and audible alarms represent excellent value. They can be installed by professionals and will provide high quality footage and serve to protect your property from those who would seek to steal and trespass.

If you don’t want to live in fear any longer and you want to protect your property, whether a home or business, setting up a modular security system, including an audible alarm, motion sensors, digital storage, and digital CCTV is a great way to upgrade defences.

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