Be the Envy of all Your Friends with a New Front Door!

The front door of your house is the first thing that most people notice as they walk in. If the front door is chipped or damaged or if there are signs of poor maintenance, it won’t paint such a good impression on your guests, would it? Previously, front doors used to be quite expensive. That’s primarily due to the introduction of low-cost materials that are now readily available in the market. There are still expensive variants available in the market, ranging from premium wood variants such as mahogany, pine, and oak. However, less expensive options include PVC and composite, which have quickly become one of the best options for homeowners.

Composite doors are primarily made from a number of different materials that are pressed together. Usually, the core is made from solid timber hardwood, with the coating made of GRP laminate. Glass Reinforced Polyester is very versatile and doesn’t warp or rust, making it a great choice for use in the construction of front doors. Compared to steel, Glass Reinforced Polyester has a better strength to weight ratio. On top of this, it also has insulation properties.

At Falcon Installations,you can choose from a wide variety of different kinds of front doors. They are available in many different styles, so there’s lot of variety and choice available for picky homeowners. The company specialises in offering top-of-the-line composite and wooden doors. Here are just some of the many reasons you should choose composite doors over other materials.

Security Reasons

A composite door is quite sturdy and strong, making it an excellent choice for use in UK homes. Your front door needs to be strong to prevent unwanted visitors from breaking in. Composite doors have a solid hardwood core in the centre, which is one of the main reasons why these doors are so strong.

Long Lasting

Compared to ordinary wooden doors, composite doors are going to last you significantly longer. Purchasing home improvement products such as doors and windows for your house is like an investment. If you are paying so much money for replacing the doors, you would want them to last for several years without requiring lots of maintenance. These doors give the best value for money in the market right now.


Unlike wooden doors, which need to be painted after every few years or else they begin to lose colour, you don’t have to worry about composite doors. These doors never lose their colour and don’t require any sort of repainting or polishing. Just clean the doors thoroughly and keep them clean to keep them looking fresh.

Inner Insulation

As mentioned above, composite doors also have natural insulation properties. Given the fact that a considerable amount of heat escapes from the house through the front door, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money if you choose composite doors. You will notice a serious reduction in your utility expenditure after installing these doors.

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