Add Class with Glass

Balustrades have come a long way over the years. The ornate wooden ones of the past are still popular in many homes and businesses. Many new modern buildings, especially businesses, are choosing the modern look of glass, however. Glass adds a clean look to areas that host many guests in a day, such as a mall. They are modern, easy to clean, and stunning to look at. Glass balustrades are classy and incredibly versatile.

Goes with Any Décor

When a home or business is being built, the interior décor may not be determined yet. This can make it difficult to decide on decorative balustrades. The new inhabitants may not appreciate an old fashioned or decorative look. Glass is clear, so colour is not an issue. It can easily accent any type of furniture or artwork. Colours placed on walls may not go well with all types of wood, either. A stair glass balustrade in Perth can solve the problem of contradicting décor.

Easy to Maintain

Some materials can be difficult to maintain. Wood needs to be refinished at times throughout the years. It also has to be polished to maintain a proper shine. It can easily become dull and discoloured. Metal can rust and need repair. Wood can become stained, scratched, and dented, as well. The use of glass solves all of the issues. The only maintenance involved is a wiping with a glass cleaner and a cloth. If the surface gets damaged by kids with crayons or markers, it can be cleaned right off. Glass balustrades remain beautiful for many years with minimal maintenance.


The option of glass also adds a modern touch. These are not usually seen in older buildings, so it speaks volumes about the age of a building. The recent minimalist trends are well complemented by the use of glass on stair balustrades. For a beautifully updated home, these can be added in place of the original material. This can be especially useful when a building is going up for sale. A faster sale may happen when a modern touch is added. Glass can update a space, enhance modern furniture, and bring value.

The interior and exterior of a building can both be enhanced with glass balustrading. There are many scenarios where this is the best choice due to the ease of maintenance and versatility. One place where these are often seen is at a mall. This is a place where everything needs to remain neat, clean, and modern. These balustrades look great for long periods of time with little chance of damage. Make the choice today to upgrade an old building, or prepare a new one, with glass.

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