What You Should Know about Roof Restoration and Re-Roofing

Upgrades that add value to a house include siding, roofing, and renovations associated with kitchen and bath remodelling. If your own roof is ten years or older, you need to have it checked. Every roof, whether it is made of steel or tile, will degrade from regular exposure to the climate and weather. Your own roof may be damaged from exposure to severe weather or climate extremes.

To obtain an inspection and consultation, you need to contact a service provider who understands all aspects of the restoration process. Companies that specialise in roofing restoration replace any broken tiles, check and secure roof flashings, and locate and repair leaks. The work is normally followed by a repointing of the ridge capping and a high-pressure wash.

When selecting a roofing specialist, try to find a company that offers at least a 10-year guarantee on their roofing work. They should also be registered with the HIA, MBA, and Painters’ Registration Board. A provider should have several decades’ industry experience and should be fully protected with workers’ compensation insurance and public liability cover.

Restoring and Re-Roofing – Getting Your Money’s Worth

A Perth roof restoration provider should interact with the client so the homeowner can get up on his or her roof and see where the roof needs to be fixed. Each job should be individually assessed to ensure the roof repair is tailored to the customer’s needs. In some instances, the only way to repair a roof is to re-roof it, especially if restoration is no longer an alternative. The most cost-efficient way to re-roof a home is to lay a new surface on top of the old framework, using the existing supports.


Adding Insulation: How It Can Help

If you do have to re-roof, it is important to add a layer of insulation between the new roof and old roof. The extra insulation will keep out summer heat and hold the heat in during the winter months. In turn, you will notice a reduction in your heating and cooling costs. A glass wool insulating material about 50mm deep is sufficient in this respect.

Making a Decision to Re-Roof

Happily, with the broad range of tiles that are available today, you can actually give your house a new and updated look. You may also want to include gutters and downpipes made of stainless steel to enhance the modernity of the architecture. You can also change the shape of a roof by including timber supports at certain points.

Any roofing job should be done by trained professionals. Use a local company that stands behind its reputation and who is well-known in the community. That way, you contact them easily if you have any post-installation questions or concerns.

When you consider that your house is typically the largest single investment you make in life, you have to place a priority on the durability of your roof. After all, a roof safeguards your home from weather extremes and the outside elements. If the covering for your home cannot meet this requirement, then it is time to make the decision to re-roof your real estate.

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