Power consumption comparison of inverter AC

Power consumption is an important aspect of any modern day appliance. It is expected of a good device to consume less power and do its job efficiently at the same time. Power savings is imperative considering the given climate changes and so research is always going on for a cutting edge technology that can help reduce power consumption. With ACs reaching every home and office, it is expected that these ACs do an effective cooling at a lesser power usage especially in countries like India where most village still face power shortage. This need all over the world led to the invention of inverter ACs.

Inverter ACs are better and different as they have the facility to change the compressor speed and power consumption midway, in contrast to a standard split system which just switches the compressor on and off to maintain temperature control and works at same power all the time. Both the ACs does an effective cooling but their method of working leads to various advantages of the inverter ACs over the normal ones. It is quite natural to think that even though these inverter ACs are more expensive, there must be some feature that is creating a demand for them. The most important of them is the lesser power consumption of the inverter ACs.

In case of an inverter AC, the cooling is done a couple of degrees below the desired temperature, after which the compressor works in a low power mode just to cool the room enough to replace the incoming heat. Thus a fairly constant temperature is achieved without having to put its compressor to full load very frequently. On the other hand, a normal AC first over cools the room by 1 or 2 degrees and then switches off the compressor till the room again gets warm which makes it restart again. This leads to lesser power consumption by an inverter AC as it can modulate the compressors speed when the cooling is achieved.

An low power inverter AC uses about 40% less electricity as there is no wear and tear of the compressor stopping and starting constantly. Given below are the comparison of Annual Electricity Consumption that is the power usage in terms of kWh units of different tons of inverter AC and non-inverter AC.

          TYPE 0.75 ton 1 ton 1.5 ton 2 ton
3 Star Non Inverter 627 828 1235 1548
5 Star Non Inverter 576 760 1130 1412
3 Star Inverter 550 726 1077 1344
4 Star Inverter 499 658 972 1208
5 Star Inverter 421 557 815 1005

Based on the data from BEE, Inverter ACs of BEE 3 star ratings are about 7% more energy efficient than BEE 5 star rated non-inverter ACs. This clearly speaks volumes of the effectiveness of the inverter ACs in saving power and that it is definite that if the comparison is made between the same star appliances, the inverter ACs will be about 40% more efficient than a non-inverter AC .This will not only help you save your bills but will also save the earth.

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