How does a thermostat control an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are those devices which help us immensely with ventilation purposes. With the help of the exhaust fans the ventilation process is improved drastically. Exhaust fans are so designed that they suck out air and throw it outwards from the side facing the blades which are shot in size. In case, the exhaust has been placed in the bathroom it has to deal with a lot of moisture and dust.

Exhaust fans just like any other fans for that matter have undergone a lot of evolution since they were initially introduced in the market. The device first came in the market was a lot bulky in terms of size and shape. The exhaust fans used to make very much noise when they used to operate. The sound thing still holds but it has been reduced drastically and the exhaust fans these days are smaller in size yet faster and these are more efficient. Also in smaller and compact exhaust fans the one which use the blower fan technology the sound has been reduced to very low levels so much that it is hard to notice the sound during operation of the fan.

The fans now are getting more efficient in terms of ventilation along with providing extra features which may vary from company to company. Nowadays, people buy exhaust fans with light installed in them which gives the user an option to get rid of the conventional bathroom lights that have been installed in the bathroom as in many cases the ones on the exhaust fan are sufficient if the bathroom is not very large in terms of area. The fans nowadays are also coming with installed heaters in them which keep the bathroom warm in colder countries while getting rid of the odours and the moisture from the bathroom.

The next step of the evolution in the exhaust fans is that the exhaust fans have one smart along with being modern. The recent ones have been equipped with sensors along with all the efficiency one can get. Along with the sensors the fan system has become smart and all the more, more efficient. The inclusion of the humidity sensor has made the exhaust fans detect the level of humidity in the bathroom and gets switched on when it reaches a limit and it gets switched off by itself when it has done its work and the humidity level is within the desired range.

One such device is the thermostat and its inclusion has made the exhaust fan much smarter device and a lot more efficient.  A Thermostat is a device which senses temperature and controls the other device by that to maintain the temperature in the desired range. So the question arises that how the thermostat controls the exhaust fan? So to answer that, the thermostat is connected to the mains by means of a transformer to get its operating voltage which is lower than the main supply voltage and then it is connected to the exhaust fan. When the thermostat is set for a definitive temperature limit then it activates when the temperature exceeds the temperature limit and the exhaust fan is switched on to get the ventilation going and to reduce the temperature. Once the temperature goes down the set temperature limit the thermostat sense it and cuts the current supply to the exhaust thus switching the fan off. Thus it makes the fan work only when the temperature exceeds the limit.

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