Choosing Wallpaper Over Paint: The Option that Saves Money

For decades all-white walls and simple paint jobs have dominated the trends in domestic housing, but a new contender is on the rise. Decorative wallpaper is quickly coming back into popularity, and now millions of homeowners and businesses alike have started using it in their properties. Living rooms come to life with beautiful graphics, bedrooms become more inviting, and even the most boring and mundane of interior spaces becomes exciting and fun. Whatever reason makes you decide to use this material over paint the many benefits associated with it will make it clear that wallpaper is your best option.

Durable and Simple

Wallpaper has a far longer lifespan than paint and it can stand more abuse, without damage or the need for replacement. The ability to enjoy the same wallpaper for a longer period of time also makes it more cost-effective over time. Wallpaper will not become dented or chipped in the same way paint will, meaning you do not need to visit the nearest store if you accidentally bump a piece of furniture into it. It also means that you rarely, if ever, need to worry about touch-ups and other hidden costs down the road.

Wallpaper, especially when bought from SkiptonWall, is exceptionally easy to keep clean. Household cleaners you already own are all you need, such as a soft sponge. There is no need to purchase cleaning solutions, and a simple mixture of water and a mild detergent is more than enough. This easy maintenance is all you need to ensure your wallpaper remains as beautiful as the day you installed it.

Varied Materials

Unlike paint, wallpaper can be bought in a wide variety of materials. Grasscloths allow you to enjoy many interesting designs or some of the more classic, traditional patterns. Beaded glass and metallic wallpapers add a beautiful shimmer to any room. In addition, you can choose a wallpaper that is highly textured, giving the wall a new sense of dimension and character that cannot be achieved with paint. Intricately designed, raised surfaces have a visual and textile edge over paint. Textured wallpaper is great for office and restaurant environments that see many clients over the course of the day, particularly if you have a waiting area.

Improved Technology

Compared to wallpaper used decades ago modern wallpapers are extremely advanced, technologically speaking. Wallpaper is now easier and faster to apply than ever before and you can cover an entire room without the mess that was once associated with the material. When it comes time to remove the wallpaper it is as simple as grabbing the corning and stripping it right off the wall.

In addition, it takes less time to apply, saving you hours of work that would be wasted using paint. With paint you would need to apply a primer and then multiple coats to make sure the colour application is even. This hassle is completely eliminated with wallpaper, helping you to enjoy a beautiful look without the added frustration. Whether you are decorating your new office space or updating your living room walls, wallpaper is quickly becoming one of the most popular options.

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